Laboratory equipment

– Electrical testing equipment for each stage of experiments and factory production.

– The company arranged for customers to witness the transition to testing and acceptance of products.

– Transmission transformers 100 -: – 500kV have been witnessed in the process of testing and acceptance of products.

Chuyên mục: Laboratory equipment

-EEMC laboratory equipment is equipped with fully-qualified laboratory experiments to transformers 500kV – 450MVA

-In addition to serving the production of the EMC products, also rented experiments for the same product.

– The company continues to invest from 2017 the number of equipment to be tested 500kV – 900MVA transformers.

List of main devices:

1 Touch controls 0-650V Russia
2 Frequency transmitter 100Hz Russia
3 TU single phase 350v-100kv Russia
4 Adjust the voltage TU 0-350V Russia
5 Generator system A094-4T Russia
6 Generator 380-0-5000A Russia
7 Electric discharge Russia
8 Frequency generator 200Hz TF7P2000 Russia
9 Inlet cutting machine ALBS
10 System of pressure cabinet 600kV
11 Other auxiliary equipment

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