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Representatives of Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation participated in the ceremony to attach the sea of Minh Khai 110kV substation and the branch


December 15, 2020, Hanoi Electricity Corporation (EVNHANOI) held a ceremony to attach the sign "Minh Khai 110kV Substation and branch" this is a project to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the traditional electricity industry of Vietnam (December 21, 1954 – December 21, 2020) and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hanoi Grid Project Management Board (2000 -2020). Sharing this great joy, received the invitation of EVNHANOI, Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation (EEMC) represented by Mr. Nguyen Vu Cuong – General Director, attended the ceremony to welcome the project and celebrate the new victory of EVNHANOI.

Ceo Nguyen Vu Cuong attended the ceremony with EVN, EVNHANOI and other

Minh Khai 110kV substation is managed by hanoi Grid Project Management Board (X9) representing Hanoi City Electricity Corporation (EVNHANOI) and Hanoi High Voltage Grid Company (X6); The station is designed on the 110kV side with 06 road compartments (02 line compartments, 01 communication compartment and 03 substation compartments 3 x 63MVA-115/23/6.3kV), 22kV side is a system of 03 female bars with communication cut machine with 03 total highway compartments, communication compartments, TU, condensation compartment and 27 out-of-line loads. The project has a total investment of more than VND 315 billion. This is a state-of-the-art station in Hanoi, built in the style of HGIS (Hybrid Gas Insulated Switchgear), remote control, compact structure, high reliability and low maintenance cost, very suitable for use in transmission and distribution systems of voltage level 110kV urban area.

T3 110kV-63MVA substation and EEMC-made self-use MBA close the electricity operated at Minh Khai 110kV Station

The project was started construction from July 1, 2019, the time of construction is right at the peak outbreak period of Covid-19.

Affirming EVNHANOI's credibility for many years, EEMC has completed production, transportation and installation of 03 115/23/6.3kV-63MVA and 02 23/0.4kV-180kVA self-use substations for this project with high determination and close coordination of investors and contractors, the substation has been completed and closed from June 27, 2020 safely and in accordance with the plan. This is the first time a substation has closed 03 110kV substations produced by EEMC and is a great honor of EEMC to be a part of this successful chain.

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