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Switchboard medium, low voltage

Main functions of electrical cabinets: Protection of equipment such as switches, indicators, relays, and fuse boards, from mechanical impacts.

Structured cabinets ensure high safety: Cabinet is made from 2mm thick sheet, ensuring a firm, cutting equipment such as cutting machine is arranged properly and is protected by an inner wing of the cabinet.

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A low voltage switchboard is the location at which the power supply is divided into separate circuits, each of which is managed and secured by a fuse or circuit breakers such as circuit breakers, aptomat … The cabinet is divided into several functional parts, including electrical and mechanical components that facilitate the completion of a certain utility. Cabinets are an important part of ensuring the safety of your electrical system.

Medium voltage switchgear is designed and manufactured widely in power stations, power distribution stations of power companies, industrial parks, residential areas and factories.

Cabinets manufactured by the Corporation as ordered:

Manufacturing standards:

– TCVN 4255: 2008, IEC 60529: 2001: standard on the protection level of cabinets.

– TCVN 799-1: 2009, IEC 60439-1: 2004: standard switchboard and low voltage switchboard.

– IEC 144: protection level of low voltage cabinets, switching devices and controls.

– IEC 529: Low Voltage Protection (IP code).

– IEC 185: current transformers.

– IEC 439-1: Assembly of the breaker and low-pressure control – Part 1 of the Type tests and partial assembly test.

– IEC 947-2: shutoff mechanism and low-pressure control – Part 2 áthomát.

– IEC 521: Accurate power meter level 2.

– IEC 145: Accurate level of electricity meter 2.

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