Kios transformer station

The Kios transformer station is designed and built to be a unified mass, which is very convenient for lifting cranes and moving easily. The shell structure is based on solid steel frame system, the panels are assembled to create high sealing. The entire shell system is made of high-strength steel, withstand rigidity, impact, anti-rust coating, surface finish, metal surface protection and corrosion resistance of the lips. school.

Kios transformer station is a type of station built in pressure cookers, cabinets, with lightweight features, simple configuration, easy to install and transport. The Kios transformer station has been widely used in medium voltage electrical systems in industry, residential areas and high rise buildings.

Ambient temperature: + 45 ° C

Install height compared to sea level, 1000m

Rated voltage: 24kV, 35kV

Frequency: 50 Hz

Station capacity: Depending on the specific needs of customers.

Insulation Type: Air Insulator or SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker (24kV)

Transformer: up to 7500 kVA (depending on customer’s specific needs)

Protection level for medium / low voltage compartment: IP 54 or IP42 (depending on specific needs)

Protection level for transformer compartment: IP4X (natural cooling or forced by fan)

Applied standard:

High-voltage switchgear, Medium voltage switchgear, Medium voltage switchgear, Medium voltage switchgear; Medium voltage fuse; … according to the current TCVN.

Some Kios stations:


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