Dry transformer

Dry-type transformers are used in power distribution networks, especially for the supply of power to buildings, buildings that need to be safe on fire.

Product Features: Environmentally friendly, does not produce oil or air polluting air, is the optimal choice to replace oil transformers.

EEMC manufactures dry type transformers according to orders.


EEMC has been manufacturing dry type transformers. The dry transformer meets all the requirements of IEC 60076-11 (2004); High overload capacity, Epoxy molding coil has a high heating time coefficient, so it can withstand higher overloads.

The dry transformer meets all the requirements of IEC 60076-11 (2004)

High capacity overload: Epoxy coils have a high heating time, so they can withstand higher loads.

Moisture resistance: The Epoxy Coil Epoxy Coating Increases the strength of the insulation and does not reduce the insulation caused by moisture and the aging of the insulation material, even after a long period of no maintenance.

Resistant to pulse voltage. Resistance to electrical impulse up to 200kV due to special structure and careful design.

Easy maintenance, oil level testing as well as oil sample testing. Coil molding does not reduce the insulation properties due to moisture, so it is easy to inspect the transformer including the coil.

Good fire resistance due to epoxy-coated coils with non-flammable properties, self-extinguishing and flame retardant.

Low noise, the core is covered with Epoxy resin so it has the potential to significantly reduce noise.

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