Current transformers

Indoor and outdoor oil-immersed fluids of 6 to 35 kV have 1 to 5 secondary windings. Epoxy castings in the home supply voltage from 6 to 35 kV with 1 primary and 2 secondary winding

Symbol of current transformer: BI6-100 / 5A

– BI: Current transformers

– 6 (or other voltage supply): nominal voltage (kV)

– 100 (or other type of current): Primary rated current (A).

– 5 (or 1): Secondary rated current (A).

Chuyên mục: Current transformers

Current transformers are used to convert large alternating currents into alternating current with values measured with standard measuring instruments or for relay protection circuits. Medium voltage transformers manufactured by EEMC Electric Equipment Design and Construction Limited Company.

The products are manufactured and tested on modern technology and equipment, ensuring quality in accordance with IEC 60044-1: 2003 and TCVN 7679-1: 2007. To be strictly managed according to ISO 9001-2008.

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