Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation
Joint Stock Company (EEMC)

Leading manufacturer of transformers in Vietnam and the region.
Brand of quality and long term prestige

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Vision, mission, core values

Provide products, services of good quality, competitive price,
Always a reliable partner, professional.

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Customer satisfaction
is the goal we are constantly reaching out

Transparency and efficiency; Respect the commitment; Keep the faith;
Professional in production and business


Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation - JSC (EEMC), unit labor Hero, was founded in 1971, formerly known as Dong Anh Electric Appliance Repair Factory, Dong Anh Electric Equipment Manufacturing Company. With tradition and years of experience in design, Fabrication, supply and repair of electrical equipment for power grid in the whole country...


Production of distribution transformers, intermediaries, transformers of transmission voltage up to 500kV, capacity up to 900MVA. Dry type transformers and other specialized transformers.

Electric cabinets, transformers, transformers up to 38.5 kV, transformer stations, column stations and supply of complete equipment for power plants, transformer stations up to 500 kV..

Transportation, installation, repair, adjustment testing of transformers and electrical appliances.

Agent distribution of products.
Consulting, designing, researching, applying science and technology, receiving and transferring technology.

EEMC's products

EEMC services are provided
  • Transportation transformers, switchboards, circuit breakers and other equipment to the building.
  • Installation of all types of transformers, installation of circuit breakers, electrical cabinets as well as all equipment at the site.
  • Post-installation experiment.
  • Repair of engines, generators of high power, high voltage for power plants as well as other defense and civil plants.
  • Consulting, designing industrial products.
  • Construction of industrial and civil works.
  • Construction of transmission lines and substations up to 500 kV.
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Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation-JSC (EEMC)

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