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Fast fabrication EEMC contributes to operating electricity for 220kV-250MVA Ninh Phuoc substation and many solar power projects beyond schedule.


In the morning of July 2, 2020, Vietnam Electricity (EVN), the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT), the Central Power Project Management Board held a ceremony to mount the 220kV transformer station signboard. Ninh Phuoc and connection in Ninh Phuoc (Ninh Thuan). This is a project that has contributed to enhancing the release of renewable energy capacity in Ninh Thuan province and especially to welcome the third Congress of the Party Committee of Vietnam Electricity (EVN). period 2020 -2025.

220kV-250MVA transformer provided by EEMC at 220kV Ninh Phuoc substation

With hundreds of 250MVA – 220kV transformers that have been manufactured and supplied to the national transmission grid, every project has significance, socio-economic nature and has a great impact on the distribution and transmission of electricity. at the installation site but this is probably one of the very special works. That is the Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation has closely paid attention to the urgent requirements on progress of the Central Region Power Project Management Unit. Although during the period of social gap caused by the Covid-19 epidemic spread on a large scale, EEMC's staff and employees were still creative in operating production, preventing epidemics, absolutely safe, and manufacturing transformers 250MVA Ninh. Phuoc quickly ahead of schedule, with the best quality.

EEMC's efforts have contributed to speeding up the Ninh Phuoc 220 kV substation project to be completed 6 months beyond the plan, increasing the release of power capacity from solar and wind power plants in the area. Ninh Thuan province table, contributing to the national grid increasing capacity of about 500 MVA.

The ceremony of mounting the signboard of Ninh Phuoc 220kV substation

Also contributing to the release of the capacity of renewable electricity sources, in recent times, EEMC has provided many transformers and complete equipment for many solar power projects with exceptionally fast progress. The investors highly appreciate. Typically the projects of 500kV Vinh Tan substation, 110kV stations Nhon Hai, 220kV Phan Ri, Thap Cham and at the end of June 2020, the project of Nhon Hai 110kV substation was completed for Licogi….

The completion of the 220kV substation project in Ninh Phuoc, Phan Ri, Vinh Tan and many solar power projects has been highly appreciated by EVN's leadership, these are the works of great significance in implementing the policy. of the Government on the development strategy of renewable energy sources, contributing to ensuring electricity for the needs of social security and economic development.

In the last months of 2020 and the following years, EEMC will continue to contribute its products and services with the fastest progress for many key projects of affiliates of the Electricity of Vietnam and the Corporation. National power transmission and power plant investors.

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