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EEMC should affirm its leading position in terms of equipment quality and sales services


That was the direction of Mr. Ngo Son Hai – Deputy General Director of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) at the meeting with Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation (EEMC) on the afternoon of Oc
tober 8, 2020.EEMC leaders reported to EVN's delegation.

Attending the meeting were leaders of the Board: Engineering – Production, Investment Management, Planning, Safety of EVN. On the side of Dong Anh Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Trong Tiu – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Vu Cuong – General Director and leader of units and board in the Corporation.Reporting at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Vu Cuong said: In the 9 months of 2020, EEMC achieved revenue of over VND 1,523 billion equal to 61.56% of the revenue plan in 2020.
In recent years, EEMC has had many solutions to improve service quality to ensure quality when installed at the station and ensure operational safety for substations. In particular, the electrical engineering service enterprise under EEMC has been established, this enterprise is specialized in performing specialized technical services: substation installation services, installation guidance services, preservation, transportation, maintenance services, minor repair of substations.The Corporation has issued a set of standard documents on guidelines for preservation, transportation and installation of pressure machines.Regarding the warranty: For 110kV MBA, EEMC has implemented a warranty of 24 months from the date of operation or 30 months from the date of delivery. For pressure machines of 220kV or more, EEMC operates a warranty of 60 months from the date of operation or 66 months from the date of delivery (according to contract conditions).Regarding after-sales services, EEMC provides installation guidance services (for non-direct-mounted EEMC pressure machines), operational guidance and training for units upon request. EEMC has signed regulations in coordination with some units in the electricity sector on the readiness to assist in handling problems at the station 24/24h when receiving information from customers to troubleshoot problems in the fastest time, ensuring the safe and continuous operation of the grid. In addition, EEMC regularly dispatches experts to coordinate with other units in the industry to survey and assess the operation status of the pressure monitors at risk of incidents, develop maintenance and repair plans to prevent problems, improve operational safety for the electrical system.The Corporation also has recommendations to the Delegation on technical standards, on the coordination with units in the Group to improve the performance of the Corporation.

EVN's delegation visited and worked at Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation, on the afternoon of October 8, 2020.

After hearing the report of the Corporation, Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai noted the efforts and efforts of EEMC in recent years, TCT has invested, upgraded the system of factories and equipment, focusing on human resource development and improving product quality. With stable and reliable basic operation, EEMC's substies have played an important role in ensuring the security of electricity supply to the national economy (according to statistics, the EEMC MBA ratio on the 220kV grid is 45% and 110kV is 37%.Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai said: In the coming time, the demand for electrical equipment of EVN and the electricity sector continues to be high, the market is very large, this is an opportunity for EEMC leaders to grasp and develop plans for further development in the future.Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai suggested EEMC should continue to specialize, professionalize the production process, apply advanced science and technology to improve equipment quality and reduce production costs. In addition, the Corporation should focus on promoting the quality of after-sales services, thereby affirming its leading position in the quality and service market for supplying equipment for power transmission systems in Vietnam. Regarding the medium and long-term plan, the Board of Directors of the Corporation needs to develop a digital transformation plan to complete the digital transformation target by 2022. The Group supports EEMC's goal of producing the first 500kV MBA 900MVA, recommending that EEMC actively implement, ensure quality and progress.

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