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TNCs Corporation of Dong Anh General Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. in Dong Anh District in Thanh Nien 2020


Welcome to the Youth competition in 2020 due to Thanh Ha Noi group was active, morning on 01/3/2020 under the direction of General Committee of Hanoi Enterprises and Dong Anh District Dong Anh EEMC Electric Equipment Joint stock company with JSC He officially started the youth construction: building a "kindness House" For households with particularly difficult circumstances in Mai Lam, the district East England. The total value of works is about 90 million đ (ninety million VND).

Comrade Pham Ngoc Kha (2nd left)-Secretary of the EEMC and comrade leaders of the delegation, Hanoi Enterprise Group, Dong Anh District and the donors participated in the start of the workers ' work.

To the program there are comrades: DAO Duc Viet- Deputy head of the TNCNVC & ANQP Thành Đoàn Hà Nội; Dang Quang Hai- UVBCH to the delegation, UVBCH Party department, secretary of the HA Business Division Content Nguyen Thinh Vinh-deputy secretary of Dong Anh District Group; Ta Dinh Dong -Deputy Secretary of Hanoi Enterprise Division; and the consular Comrades Leader of the party committee, People's Committee of Mai Lam Commune, Dong Anh district

Delegates attending the program
Comrade Dang Quang Hai-Secretary of the Hanoi Enterprise Division to give funding to the British family Nguyen Kim Thanh

Nguyen Kim Thanh's family belongs to the poor household of Dong Anh District, which houses 5 demographics. Parents of weak health do not have a stable job, 3 children are small. The house is now home to be a level 4 dilapidated, seriously degraded, does not guarantee the safety of the living.

The work of this time is carried out from the source of donation of the Youth Union member of Dong ANH Electrical Equipment Corporation and the JSC of the Ha Noi joint stock company and other socializing resources. The Standing Committee desired the construction soon completed to help households with difficult circumstances have a warm roof, the staff members of the family strive to rise in life.

This is one of the activities of the Youth Union of Dong ANH Electrical Equipment Corporation in order to express the spirit of "leaves and heal the torn leaves" of our nation, contributing to the welcome of the party congress of the Ministry of Business and Congress of the third Hanoi Enterprise block, term 2020-2025.

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